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Duto Coffee

Dassler Limited Edition

Dassler Limited Edition

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Buno Coffee Trading, a relatively small exporter, manages seven washing stations in Ethiopia's southern region of Guji. Situated at an altitude well over 2000 meters above sea level, the area boasts very high terroir, creating ideal conditions for producing exceptional coffee. The coffee cherries grow abundantly on relatively young and healthy trees, gradually maturing to perfection.

Established in 2018 and managed by Mr. Abiyot, Buno is dedicated to working with farmers who own between 8 to 15 hectares of land, allowing for better quality control and the separation of micro-lots. To encourage the farmers to pick only fully ripe cherries, Buno provides a premium of one birr for every kilo of cherries delivered after the harvest. Additionally, Buno offers a credit line to farmers during the off-season for harvest-related expenses, interest-free, which is later deducted from their payment upon cherry selection.

At Buno's sites, cherry selection is meticulous, surpassing the standards seen in Ethiopia. One of their sites, Dikitu, has 120 raised beds exclusively for processing natural coffees.

'Buliye,' meaning 'boarding' in the Afaan Oromoo language, is the name of the village surrounding the coffee produced for this lot. Eleven growers, each with an average farm size of 5 hectares, contributed to this lot. They are paid a fair farm gate price of around 45-50 Ethiopian Birr/kg for their cherry. The coffee in the area thrives under the shade of native trees such as false banana, acacia, and Wanza, with the fertile volcanic red soil and sandy loam nurturing its growth.

The washing station itself was established in 2005, cementing its role as a crucial player in the region's coffee industry.

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