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Duto Coffee

Spezial Blend

Spezial Blend

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Introducing Spezial Blend: A Symphony of Guatemalan and Brazilian Arabica Beans

Experience the exquisite harmony of two specialty Arabica beans, meticulously sourced from the fertile volcanic soils of Guatemalan tropical valleys and the prestigious Cerrado Minas Gerais region in Brazil.

As an espresso, the Spezial Blend delivers a medium-bodied masterpiece, with a gentle and soft acidity that caresses your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the delightful sweetness of maple syrup, perfectly balanced with hints of pecan, creating a flavor symphony that leaves you craving for more.

Indulging in a milk-based coffee with Spezial is an extraordinary treat. Revel in the velvety embrace of milk chocolate and toffee flavors, as they effortlessly merge to create a remarkably smooth and delectable coffee experience.

Every cup of Spezial Blend embodies a journey of excellence, carefully curated to celebrate the distinctive qualities of each bean. The result is a truly exceptional blend that enchants coffee enthusiasts with every sip.

Treat yourself to the magic of Spezial Blend, where the finest Guatemalan and Brazilian Arabica beans unite to create an unforgettable coffee experience. Embrace the symphony of flavors and embark on a delightful journey that celebrates the artistry of coffee-making. Cheers to the joy of indulgence with Spezial Blend!

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